Des Plaines  Administrator  Forest Park  visibility Adverse trends from either report may indicate the need for corrective action.  

St. Charles  Successful marketing starts with identifying the needs of a particular market and positioning your service or product to fulfill those needs. Whether you're selling a service or product, both, it could be argued, are products. Once you've identified the needs of a market, launching a successful campaign requires a focused, identifiable and memorable statement about your product. Who could forget, "Just Do It"? Millions of advertising dollars were spent to make sure we never did. And did it work? Just ask Nike and Michael Jordan. Only through repetition of your message and adhering to well thought-out design standards in a synergistic and cohesive manner, will your product enter the larger conscience of your targeted industry or demographic.  Chicago  Changing search engine algorithms  

Arlington Heights  PAY-PER-CLICK/BIDDING MANAGEMENT THROUGH OVERTURE  Romeoville  and major metasearch engines such as DogPile Statistically, approximately 80% of keyword searches  

DeKalb  For instance, if a person entered how to install mini-blinds as a search, if a site’s keywords are properly  Glen Ellyn  Solving the Mysteries of Keyword Placement and Search Engine Optimization  

Arlington Heights  identify the appropriate terms for biddingThese tools include our InteloSoft ™ Keyword Analysis &  Rockford  The historical display is meant for trend analysis disclosing how changes in the engines are affecting your  

Evanston  Administrator  Mattoon  much you are willing to spend and set your daily budget to reflect what you are comfortable paying.  

Oswego  (positions 4 & 5) are displayed in a section called More Sponsor Matches. In Lycos the top three results  Centralia  time (usually a month)This calculation allows us to separate or eliminated keywords which serve no  

Joliet  A web designer builds professional custom (or template) websites, or web portal applications for clients from USA to Timbuktu. Typical ecommerce site customers range from self proprietors, to small business, to Fortune 500 companies.  Addison  On a daily basis, AHEADOFMYTIME ™ runs a report showing the number of pages present in the major search  

Geneva  keywords so that the major search engines can locate the information held within the siteThese challenges  Mt. Pulaski  Each client has different requirements, different success metrics and different work styles. With this in mind, AHEADOFMYTIME.COM customizes our standard process for each and every client engagement to ensure that we work together in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  

Joliet  AHEADOFMYTIME ™ will identify the best terms on which to bidWe utilize many different tools to  

Quincy Chamber  Meta Tags  Hoffman Estates  Over the several years, some engines have started to sell top placement within its search resultsInterested  

Chicago  a user actually clicks on the search engine result to go to your website, so your budget can be set and  Addison  Optimization should be for long-term value- not just short-lived high rankings.  

Normal  Firm  Geneva  someone clicks on their listingWe often see advertisers bidding well over a $1.00 more than they need  

Streator  match the keyword in question, to make it enticing, but word them in a manner that pre-qualifies  Wheeling Search engines look for a certain type of data within what is called the root directory This directory  

Mt. Prospect  Besides SEO, there are other forms of online marketing that are necessary to target potential clients that are  Batavia  the AdWords are put on pause until the next 24-hour period begins, thus allowing even the smallest  Bannockburn  the rankings.  

Bannockburn  premium search engine listings  Hoffman Estates  86% of all Internet users discover new web sites via a query on a search engine[Source GVU]  

Elgin  MySQL  Polo  change it is possible to create a bidding gap over $.01, and advertisers are wasting money every time  

Wheaton  These criteria change frequently.  Jacksonville  the website, along with competitor’s keywords, and determine the market reach of those wordsFor  Cortland  page in a section titled Sponsor Matches and near the bottom of the page, an additional two results  

Chicago  Through strategic consultation and ongoing maintenance, AHEADOFMYTIME.COM can help you attain the stability and premium positioning that will bring targeted traffic to your site.  DeKalb  Ongoing maintenance, modifications and re-submissions to address frequent changes in search engine ranking algorithms and new pages being added to their databases--thus insuring premium positioning for your web site.  

East Peoria  GOOGLE ADWORDS COST PER CLICK  Chicago  AHEADOFMYTIME.COM is a Chicago based web marketing consultancy.